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Really Know Your Customers

The AWARE digital display platform, available via the cloud and locally hosted for ultra-security, combines real-time diagnostics, media playback, and a robust third-party marketplace into one integrated system that is accessible through a single portal from anywhere in the world. Because the artificial intelligence-powered sensors can anonymously identify the gender and moods of customers, It's ideal for companies and business units like:



Target your audience and ensure your message is displayed locally or 3000 miles away

Convention Centers

Convention Centers

Alerts and on-the-fly changes, along with analytics, increase the value of your displays

Out of Home

Out of Home

Advertisers need new, unique ways to create impressions. AWARE gives measurable data for that purpose



Know your displays are operating with automated alerts, increasing their value with operational efficiency throughout your concourse



Your corporate facilities are a vital part of your identity, and AWARE provides key data to enhance that experience

Network Administration

Network Administration

AWARE increases display value through its automated diagnostics and robust audience measurement system

What if Your Digital Signage...

... had a marketplace like your smart phone and tablet, allowing your organization to grow at the speed of business with new technology applications as they become available.

How Useful Would It Be If...

... you could see all displays, devices, and their status in real-time, from anywhere in the world, alerting you before something went wrong?

The Future is Now

Getting to know the customer standing before you through audience measurement sensors that can identify likes and age is no longer science fiction. Personalizing your digital display content via anonymized data means higher retention and higher profits. The options are limitless and NanoLumens AWARE, our revolutionary cloud-based and locally hosted software for digital signage, makes it possible.

Taking Visualization to the Next Level

AWARE simplifies your life by unifying a complex ecosytem into one measurable and manageable solution. It employs the most robust hardware to deliver a digital signage software platform that seamlessly combines diagnostics and support functions. Choose a variety of services and content sources that are instantly accessible and deployable from anywhere in the world. Hardware and software designed to work together... now that's bright thinking! Discover how AWARE powers the Las Vegas Convention Center by downloading our case study.


What's Under the Hood

Audience Analytics

Let your display network do the heavy lifting. AWARE’s audience measurement gives anonymized data, allowing you to deliver on target content, maximizing the effectiveness of your displays.

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Be confident your displays are on and communicating your message through
real-time status, remote view, and alerts, regardless of display type, size, or manufacturer.

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Media Player

Ever wonder why scheduling content is so difficult? So did we. The AWARE media player enables you to schedule and distribute playlists of your favorite file types with a simple click and drag.

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Third Party Marketplace

Let your display network do the heavy lifting. AWARE’s Audience Measurement gives detailed audience data allowing you to deliver on target content, maximizing the effectiveness of your displays.

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Video Case Study

In partnership with COX Business Services, discover how AWARE now powers over 15 digital displays in the world's largest single-level meeting space - the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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Powered by NanoLumens

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, NanoLumens partners with clients to create uniquely compelling, interactive LED visualization solutions that take the guesswork out of owning a display network.

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Our Clients

Introducing The
AWARE Connected Store

  • Display Status: Know that your displays are on and your content is correct in each store and across the global network.
  • Personalized Communication: Target each guest through their mobile device using beacons
  • Content Control: Adjust display content as often as you need to target each passerby
  • Audience Analytics: Acquire detailed data on each guest including their journey through the store, dwell time, content consumption, and demographics. Execute
    A/B tests for product placement, integrate displays with CMS remotely.
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AWARE is display agnostic. LED or LCD, new or old, as long as your displays support communication over RS232 or IP, your display can easily integrate into the AWARE portal for scheduling, diagnostics, management, and automated alerts

The AWARE player is extremely simple to use, in fact most training sessions take no more than 30 minutes. The AWARE player is as simple as a drag and drop of your media files into the playlist. The AWARE player downloads and plays your media files locally on the device in case of network interruption.

Almost all aspects of the ecosystem can be monitored natively within the AWARE platform: Content status, power, display status, display temperature, CPU load, signal status, and application status, to name a few. Each data point can trigger automated alerts via email, SMS, or both, ensuring that even when you aren’t watching you are covered.

AWARE compiles reports on the displays, devices, and media player made available to download directly from your dashboard. With the addition of an IP camera, AWARE’s built in audience measurement solution can provide head count, attention time, age, gender, and emotion.

The AWARE third-party marketplace features full enterprise versions of best in class digital signage solutions. These application like solutions allow you to switch between display sources such as social media walls, full scale CMS solutions, streaming content sources etc. all by the click of a mouse. The Third-Party marketplace insures your player investment can change as your need changes.

Learn More About AWARE

    The mission behind AWARE’s existence is to take the hassle out of owning and operating a display network. One of the primary concerns potential end-users have before they opt to incorporate digital display technology into their organization is who will operate it. Who is in charge of keeping track of performance? Who handles audience measurement? Who notifies relevant parties if any errors or updates occur?

    Display tech can be daunting, so these concerns are of course quite legitimate. Recognizing this potential pain point, NanoLumens created AWARE digital signage software, available both via the cloud and locally hosted, to be the answer to those questions.


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AWARE: Now Playing in Fortune 500 Companies Worldwide!